If you have been hurt, you need my help. I have spent my entire career standing up for people and promise to do the same for you.  No one knows how to defend people who have been hurt at work like I do.  Everyone who has worked with me will tell you that I honestly care and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.  Take some time to read what other clients have said about me.  It's all true!  You can take it to the bank! - James

Believe what James tells you and do what he says.  He knows the games companies play and how to win.  He is laid back, and at first this kind of worried me, but when he got my case things started to happen.  When we finally got to court, I saw a completely different side of him and it was obvious I had made the right choice.  James got my medical bills paid and everything I lost when I couldn't work.  He made sure I didn't leave hurt and empty handed.  I would tell anyone to call him first. ”

Mike Z. - Houston, TX

After hurting my hand at work, my boss sent me to a doctor that said I was fine and that I needed to go back at the end of the week.  I couldn't even move my wrist, and with no health insurance I didn't have a way to see another doctor.  I called three lawyers and they all told me that they couldn't help.  James was the only person that cared and made time for me.  Don't let his shorts and flip-flops fool you!  This guy really knows his stuff.  He took my case; I was able to see a doctor and they proved that I was actually hurt.  James went all the way for me.  He helped me get my hand fixed and even got me a settlement.  No one else would even return my call, but James hit me a home run. ”

Arthur P. - Houston, TX

When I got hurt at my job, I was already living paycheck to paycheck.  I got hurt and was immediately without a way to get by.  I didn't even have gas to get to the doctor that THEY wanted me to see.  I asked for help from my manager and the insurance company.  They said THAT if I did not make my appointment I would lose my job.  I asked about workers comp and they told me they didn't have it.  They said I just needed to call the doctor they sent me to and get me a note to return to work.  The doctor didn't seem to care at all and neither did the people from the company that sent me there.  I called James and he helped get things straightened out for me.  It was a long process but in the end he made sure I was treated fairly.  ”

Amy B. - San Antonio, TX

I called James after no one else wanted my case.  When I said where I worked he immediately responded, "Come to my office right now! "  When I got there he told me a lot about the way my company did things that I didn't know before.  By the time I got there, James had already found me a doctor and was eager to help.  I had called another lawyer and he couldn't see me for a week.  James took my case and won!  I don't know what I would have done without him. ”

Arika W. - Houston, TX

I got hurt and the place I worked for didn't have any workers compensation insurance.  They wanted me to see their doctor and it was obvious to me that their only concern was proving that I wasn't really hurt so they didn't have to help.  A friend of mine told me to call James.  He wasn't like the other lawyer I went to see.  He looked me in the face, told me he was going to go after them, and said "You are already hurt...I'm not going to let them hurt you again!"  James knows everything there is to know about companies that don't want to pay their hurt employees.  He did wonders for me and you should just call him and relax.  He will get it done. 

Anthony T. - Houston, TX